The .io Cook Off

The .io Cook Off · December 7, 2020

It all started a month ago. We were asked to keep an eye out for a special delivery. The next few days packages came flying in to make sure we were fully equipped for the experience. It was the 3rd Anniversary of as well as the first time we had to cope with an all-remote setting, which as you'll see didn't stop us from having an unforgettable evening.

The Cook Off

An event from MB.ioneers for MB.ioneers.

Here's what happened: every MB.ioneer received the necessities they needed to participate in the #ioCookOff through the mail. Throughout the evening, we tuned in to the kitchens of our colleagues, listened to their home office stories and achievements from the last 7 months and watched a compilation of bloopers from our remote meetings.

Our digital guests dialed into the livestream from 315 devices. Additionally, we were connected through our internal messenger which had an impressive activity including 742 posts with 6902 reactions.

The Hosts of the Evening

The evening was hosted by our fellow colleagues Abu and Filipa, live from our office in Lisbon. It would be wonderful to share the whole experience, but that would involve a 2-hour show... Anyway, here's a little sneak peak of our intro for you to get a taste of the spirit.

Did you know we have some colleagues who joined forces and started a band?

Over the last 1,5 years has established quite a fanbase so of course we selected them as our special guests. The 15 minute concert ended with a smashing encore of the German version of 99 red balloons. If there were an MB.ioneers choice award, they would definitely win it!

The Results

Our recommended dishes included options for every taste: from chicken piri piri and a vegetarian broccoli pesto to a vegan pumpkin risotto. Sounds delicious, right? Well, wait until you see the pictures...

We are so proud to have pulled off the whole evening solely with our internal resources. Once again we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and our amazing guests. It was definitely a night to remember!

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