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We ignite and protect the digital future of  Mercedes-Benz

We digitize for a better tomorrow of mobility. Therefore, we are kickstarting a new way of working and transforming Mercedes-Benz with customer-centricity and agility.
IO stands for input/output. We translate input from our customers into outputs of digital experiences such as the Mercedes-Benz worldwide website, its eCommerce platform as well as off-car digital services. That’s not our job; it’s our passion. 

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The two buzzwords when it comes to diversity

Diversity Diaries – Chapter 2: Eike We are a fierce #tribe called Mercedes-Benz.io! Our values stress one point very strongly – on an individual level but especially when seen in conjunction: Mercedes-Benz.io is no place for mavericks and lone wolfs but a tribe. A family of sorts. Sharing a common set of values, working towards […]

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We are not alone: Insights into our Company Exchange Concept

To be Agile is to always question what we have to improve. We can inspect what we practice within our company and try to find ways to improve. However, if we look to what’s happening externally, we can learn new ways of doing things and, most importantly, learn from mistakes of others. “Learn from the […]

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Cultures of Mercedes-Benz.io – How I found my roots

Diversity Diaries – Chapter 1: Jessi With approximately 330 employees in our three locations in Stuttgart, Berlin and Lisbon, it is obvious that our tribe is full of many different cultures and nationalities, all working together under one roof. Our tribe is not only German and Portuguese, but also harbors other European countries as well […]

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Building Turtle Pens – A Photo Story

Volunteering when you are a full-time employee is extremely time consuming, that’s why we implemented #ContributionFriday at Mercedes-Benz.io. Once per quarter we are allowed to decide whether we want to go to work regularly or volunteer at a local facility. We kicked off the event on one of the hottest days of the year at […]

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Hola-what?! Here’s what you need to know about our organizational structure

It seems like every company is trying to implement flat hierarchies nowadays. At Mercedes-Benz.io we have been putting in thought to this matter since the company was founded in 2016 and tried to create the most responsive organizational structure possible. Holacracy is a “non-classical” framework which is representing our operating system within the company (like […]

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