Way Forward: Digital House Product-Centric Organization

Mercedes-Benz AG and Mercedes-Benz.io strengthen their product teams within the “Digital House” initivative – realizing a product-centric organization. 

Customers expect the best digital products and services worldwide. Hence, Mercedes-Benz aims at strengthening its operational e-commerce environments on an international level. Therefore, they will enhance the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.io by scaling digital deliveries for e-commerce and online sales even further. 

The goal of the “Digital House” (a joint initiative of Mercedes-Benz AG and Mercedes-Benz.io) is to optimize the business units behind the company’s digital sales and marketing platforms and channels by restructuring them to the upcoming and growing needs of markets and regions worldwide. Within this context of digital products for Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz AG will continue focusing on business and market enabling, strategic portfolio management and respective phase measurements, while Mercedes-Benz.io will be responsible for the development and operation of digital products even more independently. Within the next two years, Mercedes-Benz.io will strengthen its digital product teams in Lisbon, Portugal. The Lisbon site will become the development core unit and a dedicated product organization that focuses on scalable product organization, vehicle leads, and sales-generating products. More than 100 additional digital product development positions will be established at Mercedes-Benz.io in Lisbon. The core of the alignment is a product-oriented organization with the aim of concentrating digital product responsibilities for online sales according to a clear business strategy.

The .io Cook Off

It all started a month ago. We were asked to keep an eye out for a special delivery. The next few days packages came flying in to make sure we were fully equipped for the experience. It was the 3rd Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz.io as well as the first time we had to cope with an all-remote setting, which as you’ll see didn’t stop us from having an unforgettable evening.

The Cook Off

An event from MB.ioneers for MB.ioneers.

Here’s what happened: every MB.ioneer received the necessities they needed to participate in the #ioCookOff through the mail. Throughout the evening, we tuned in to the kitchens of our colleagues, listened to their home office stories and achievements from the last 7 months and watched a compilation of bloopers from our remote meetings.

Our digital guests dialed into the livestream from 315 devices. Additionally, we were connected through our internal messenger which had an impressive activity including 742 posts with 6902 reactions.

The Hosts of the Evening

The evening was hosted by our fellow colleagues Abu and Filipa, live from our office in Lisbon. It would be wonderful to share the whole experience, but that would involve a 2-hour show… Anyway, here’s a little sneak peak of our intro for you to get a taste of the spirit.

Did you know we have some colleagues who joined forces and started a band?

Over the last 1,5 years Rock.io has established quite a fanbase so of course we selected them as our special guests. The 15 minute concert ended with a smashing encore of the German version of 99 red balloons. If there were an MB.ioneers choice award, they would definitely win it!

The Results

Our recommended dishes included options for every taste: from chicken piri piri and a vegetarian broccoli pesto to a vegan pumpkin risotto. Sounds delicious, right? Well, wait until you see the pictures…

We are so proud to have pulled off the whole evening solely with our internal resources. Once again we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and our amazing guests. It was definitely a night to remember!

do you Want to celebrate our 4th anniversary with us?


New year – even better us!

On Monday we had our Kick-Off for 2019. Our Managing Director Sophie Seiwald shared the results from our bi-annual shareholder meeting and gave us a taste of what this year will have in store for us:

We are currently almost 250 employees and looking forward to hiring over 100 more amazing colleagues this year. We will especially focus on talents who are passionate about our company and the technological trends on the market. Starting from #artificalintelligence, #datascience, and #cloud to the inspirational #productowners and #designers, we have many new things in place to make Mercedes-Benz the digital champion of the automotive industry.

With recruiting goals like these, our teams in Berlin and Lisbon are going to need more space and will move into bigger offices. In Lisbon the office at the Hub Criativo Beato will be ready for us by the end of this summer. In Berlin we will announce the location of our new home soon.

We were also introduced to a new process of people development. With flat hierarchies and a role based organizational structure we developed our own process of employee evaluation. Our new performance, development and salary process grants a transparent and equal evaluation process for every employee and will point towards growth in your functional expertise rather than management career.

All in all, our goal for 2019 is to: