How we work

Our impact is our passion

Hybrid expertise

As a 100% subsidiary, we are an integral member of Mercedes-Benz and of the largest cross-departmental swarm, known as the “Digital House”. To build the best digital products, we benefit from vast expertise: the experience of a global automotive company hand-in-hand with the know-how of digital professionals.

Product centric organization

Products first

The Agile Manifesto, scrum, and software development best practices are vital elements of our daily work. We enable teams to act as if they were running their own company, focusing on building great products and sustainable impact. Using OKRs and KPIs, our products can grow independently as well as contribute towards a shared goal for Mercedes-Benz.

State of the art

In the heart of each developer at lives the will to develop technologies further and to create services that define the state-of-the-art on cloud micro-services. These services and technologies are the bedrock from which we build the digital future of Mercedes-Benz Cars and a culture of excellence.

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UX matters

38 UX-passionate, design-loving, crazy and loveable experts are constantly working on creating the best user experience for Mercedes-Benz customers across all our digital touch-points.
As our customers’ advocates we make decisions based on data, derive actions based on user insights and craft solutions reflecting our love of excellent design and UX. Our expertise covers Research & Benchmarking, UX-Methods (Lean UX, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking and many more!), Information Architecture, Prototyping, Interaction and UI Design for web and apps.

Agile manifesto

Challenge accepted

We accept an agile environment as a challenge and are motivated to learn continuously by running experiments to find the best solution.

Catalyst for change

We see change as a driver to take the next steps towards reaching our goals. We accelerate change by providing an agile work environment in which anyone can fulfil their full potential.

Navigation for motivation

Empowerment, support, and structure serve an environment of safety to reach product and individual goals without hitting mud holes.

Generated value is the target

Customer value, business value and technical value; value is king. To continuously deliver the highest impact, we measure what matters to our customers.

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