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Senior Salesforce Developer - (f/m/x)Salesforce EngineeringRemote, Portugal
Data Engineer - Central Ops & Services (f/m/x)Data Science & EngineeringRemote, Portugal
IT System Administrator (f/m/x)ITBraga, Portugal

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect as a candidate?Close

You will go through a 3 – 4 step recruitment process:

  1. A screening call with our Talent Acquisition team
  2. A technical assessment(s) with our teams
  3. A final interview focused on our collaboration model, your career aspirations, and the opportunity for you to clarify any questions you might still have.

We usually take an average of 4 to 5 weeks to complete all steps in the recruiting process.

Since each position is different, the process might have slight changes from the steps mentioned above.

Hybrid, remote, on-site... say what?Close

We offer 100% flexibility! You can choose if you want to work anywhere in Portugal or Germany or from our offices in Lisbon and Braga or Stuttgart and Berlin, as long as you stick to your national borders. It’s up to each of us to decide according to our needs.

If I got rejected, can I reapply?Close

You certainly can! And we encourage all our candidates to reapply in the future. We check each time whether your experience, skills and competencies match the job profile. Who knows, you might be the perfect MB.ioneer for a different role.

What about my data privacy?Close

The protection of your personal data is a high priority for To find out more about how we use your personal data and how we protect it, please check our Recruitment Privacy Policy.

Do you also offer internships?Close

Yes, we do. We have several different options for Young Talents at, both in Portugal and Germany. Please, check regularly our career site and follow us on Linkedin and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Can I gain international experience with

Gaining international experience is encouraged at Since our MB.ioneers are working either in Portugal or Germany, our company language is English. You will find a variety of opportunities for international exchange through your daily work activities, get-togethers, company events, and more. Moreover, we have a diverse team and colleagues from 40 different nationalities, hence global thinking and understanding people in other countries are an essential part of our corporate culture.

How can I find out more about the start date of the job?Close

Unless otherwise stated in the job description, there is no hard deadline. We usually deal with vacancies that should be filled as soon as you’re available and well-rested for the start of a new journey.

When can I expect feedback?Close

As soon as you have sent us your application via our online application system, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been received. Our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible by phone or email. However, depending on the position and the required consultation with the department, it may take some time. Therefore, please be patient if it takes a while to respond. We aim to provide feedback to all candidates within 2 weeks.

Do you offer relocation?Close

We’re an international company with locations in Portugal and Germany. For relocation-related topics, please, reach out to our recruiters during your recruitment process to know more.

Where can I find more information about working culture?Close

Our tribe is our beating heart and we love to share what MB.ioneering is all about! Follow us on Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube for all the scoops and inside info.

We care about you

Work-life balance

We want to promote balance between our MB.ioneers' professional and personal lives by putting them and theirs first: taking time off to support family, attending well-being sessions or joining a sports club are just some of the options. working culture

Full remote flexibility, flexible working hours, flexible workplace and everything you need to find your perfect balance.

Impact time

Outside our initial scope at we get to engage in other topics. By doing internal podcasts, volunteering at animal shelters or developing whole websites for non-profit organizations.

People development

We care about your professional development and encourage everyone to attend our diverse suggested trainings and conferences, take advantage od our Udemy License or language courses. Feel free to choose your own trainings and become an expert on the field.

Brand connection

Being a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz brings a handful of benefits for employees - we get great deals on cars from purchase to leasing and a variety of other discounts.

Personal coaching

Our advcocates promote and support our MB.ioneers' personal journey, ultiamtely empowering them to continuously achieve professional and personal growth. Work on topics like self-organization, diversity & bias, dealing with emotions or rhetoric.

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