Welcome to café.io – our corporate blogging lounge

Welcome to café.io – our corporate blogging lounge

Leonie Oberem · December 17, 2018

At Mercedes-Benz.io we are always asking about the why and the purpose. So here we go, launching a corporate blog in which we want to introduce ourselves to you.

"Why cafe.io?"

At MB.io we are one funky bunch of coffee lovers. This is why the café at our location in Stuttgart is the main meeting point for our social happenings. It’s where we get-together not only for coffee or quick chats, but also to host meet-ups or enjoy a good afterwork-beer on Fridays. It’s our room for inspiration and exchange and that’s exactly why we named our new corporate blog after one of our most beloved places and use it as a platform to share our insights and experiences with our readers. You are now invited to grab your coffee and enjoy a big sip of MB.io’s digital world.

"Why a corporate blog?"

We all share the accountability to be transparent and communicative and there is a lot going on at MB.io. A lot more than one could fit into 140 characters: we attend internal and external trainings, we experiment within products, trends and our organizational structure. We have a role-based system, meaning that a person could be assigned multiple interdisciplinary roles. We have a variety of views, opinions and mindsets that we want to communicate on café.io. To add a little cherry on top, we would love to see our readers be inspired by the MB.io way of doing stuff.


"Why should I stay tuned?"

In the following months we will reveal three categories:

explore.io will provide information about the company profile. We will talk about our rather unusual and innovative organizational structure and how we are striving to become a top new work employer.

exchange.io will become our way of communicating our opinions and thoughts on certain topics with the invitation to join a discussion and to give impulses to our readers.

experience.io will be the platform where employees can share their experiences on events they attended, tools they tried out, or simply tell their very own MB.io-story.

In that matter: welcome to café.io - nice to e-meet you!

Leonie Oberem