Way Forward: Digital House Product-Centric Organization

Way Forward: Digital House Product-Centric Organization

Mercedes-Benz.io · January 27, 2021

Mercedes-Benz AG and Mercedes-Benz.io strengthen their product teams within the “Digital House” initiative - realizing a product-centric organization.

Customers expect the best digital products and services worldwide. Hence,
Mercedes-Benz aims at strengthening its operational e-commerce environments on an international level. Therefore, they will enhance the collaboration with
Mercedes-Benz.io by scaling digital deliveries for e-commerce and online sales even further.

The goal of the "Digital House" (a joint initiative of Mercedes-Benz AG and
Mercedes-Benz.io) is to optimize the business units behind the company's digital sales and marketing platforms and channels by restructuring them to the upcoming and growing needs of markets and regions worldwide. Within this context of digital products for Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz AG will continue focusing on business and market enabling, strategic portfolio management and respective phase measurements, while Mercedes-Benz.io will be responsible for the development and operation of digital products even more independently. Within the next two years, Mercedes-Benz.io will strengthen its digital product teams in Lisbon, Portugal. The Lisbon site will become the development core unit and a dedicated product organization that focuses on scalable product organization, vehicle leads, and sales-generating products. More than 100 additional digital product development positions will be established at Mercedes-Benz.io in Lisbon. The core of the alignment is a product-oriented organization with the aim of concentrating digital product responsibilities for online sales according to a clear business strategy.