Tons of topics in June from tech practice

Tons of topics in June from tech practice

Ronny Schreiber · July 13, 2022

It was a heated June and a lot of hot topics were discussed among our developers. We want to let you participate in a few of these subjects. Among them are interesting topics from all kinds of areas like AI-supported programming, the StackOverflow survey 2022, HTTP3, and lots of frontend-related subjects like the Vue 2.7 release, HTTP 103 status, abortController, CSS has() support and performance improvements. (Photo by Umberto on Unsplash).

GitHub Copilot uses OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right in your editor. It has been on our radar for a while, and opinions vary somewhat. Especially now that the service has become paid. Have you taken a look at it yet? What are your experiences with it?

Colleagues from our sister company Mercedes Benz Tech Innovation gave an interview about Kubernetes. In it, they explain why Mercedes-Benz is working with 900 Kubernetes clusters. The German automaker runs a huge fleet of Kubernetes clusters to support a variety of project teams around the world.

The author of the article "7 Habits of a Successful Software Tester" guides us through his most important behaviors that one should have as a software tester. With this, we can be very reliable in and we consider especially the part of steadfastness as important.

Brace yourself HTTP/3 is coming. A few days ago the IETF finally published the official and final HTTP/3 specification. So be ready for our applications to be delivered even faster to the user. If you want to read up on HTTP/3 and get some benchmarking info, you can do so in this article.

In the article "AbortController is your friend" many useful variations of using an abort controller are shown. A quick summary of the whole article is also available in a 2 minute video at the beginning of the article. So get inspired quickly.

The world has changed a lot with Covid-19 and so has our life as developers. We are privileged at to be able and allowed to do our work from home. In his talk at JSConf, Antonio from Contino talks about stories that describe these changes and what he has learned from them. He shares some tips on how to apply them so that you can manage this new way of life just as well.

The Vue.js team has published that some Vue 3 features are now backported to Vue 2.7 so that also Vue 2 users can benefit from them. This is news that we at are very happy to hear because we work a lot with Vue and so migration can happen gradually and more easily.

A long-awaited fix for the CSS Level 4 selector has() is now available. With the new version of Chrome 105. Has() can be used to select elements that contain a specified content. This allows infinite useful use cases which otherwise would not be implementable purely with CSS.

An article on style scoping versus shadow DOM: which is faster? has piqued the interest of our developers. The article triggers a discussion about whether we should move away from attribute selectors in our Design System. See for yourself the detailed explanations and performance measurements under a wide range of scenarios.

Similar to the previous topic, the following topic is also about performance and you know, performance is key. With the new HTTP 103 status code 103 - early hints it looks like a way to speed up the preloading of additional sources. Setting resource hints on file requests and some adjustments to your server settings does the trick. Read here what else has been changed with chrome 103 and learn more about the early hints here.

Stackoverflow publishes the result of their annual survey and it is as always very exciting to read. You learn not only about the users of StackOverflow but also about their behavior, preferences, technologies, demographics, ... and also payment.

I found especially exciting:

  • How do developers learn
  • Which sources do they use
  • Which programming languages do they know
  • Favorite IDE's
  • Which tools, frameworks, etc are most loved and want to be learned
  • Salary ranks and changes in the industry to the year 2021 At the same time, I think this survey is a source of inspiration if you are interested in new tools and frameworks, etc, and want to try them. It's also nice to see that many of the top topics can be found at We are at the pulse of time.

Recommended reading for all.

I would also like to draw your attention to the articles published on our blog by our esteemed colleagues.

3 easy remote team building techniques Take a look at this crisp article from Jan Paulus that outlines why team spirit is so important and how you can boost it in your team.

The importance of being proud I was very touched by how in this article about pride month, two of our colleagues share their experiences as part of the community in our industry. I am happy that they have found a company in where everyone is treated equally.

A big thank you to those who keep stimulating discussion and spreading knowledge by sharing these topics: Claudio, Nuno, Goncalo, Porfirio, Nuno, Nils, Ruben, and Goncalo.

Ronny Schreiber