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Lisbon, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Braga - at Mercedes-Benz.io, we have people working at different locations and offices across Germany and Portugal. Some people are moving to a new place to start their job. Other MB.ioneers decide at some point in their journey to change locations and begin a new life. We talked with MB.ioneer Débora Vicente who made the switch to understand her motivations and how she is adjusting to a new environment.

Débora Vicente - People Partner

Why did you move to Berlin?

When I realized that moving to Germany could be a possibility, I knew it needed to be in Berlin. Berlin is a city full of diversity and energy, and young professionals from all over the world. I knew that if I wanted an easier adaption and meet new people - Berlin would be the perfect city.

I chose to leave my beautiful country for this season because of two main reasons: my professional career and my personal life. I thought that having this opportunity in a completely different country and culture, especially in Germany – the motherland of Mercedes-Benz - would add a lot to my career. I was sure this change would contribute to my growth as an HR professional and as a person in general.

Relocating to Berlin is helping me to experience different ways of working, to develop and to work on my cultural awareness by working and getting to know people from all over the world and even gaining new perspectives in my life, by stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things. Also personally, I knew that I needed this change. I needed something new in my life. I needed a fresh start! And here I am!

What did you experience and like so far in your new home city?

So many things! I’ve been experiencing a very young and vibrant city, full of things and places to discover. I’ve been meeting people from so many different countries and with so many different stories. It has been an amazing and so unique experience. What I like the most about this city is the richness in diversity and the nature around the city. Riding a scooter all around Berlin has been something very simple but special as well.

Name us your three favorite spots!

Zeit für Brot! The best place in Berlin to have a cinnamon roll. I also love to stop at Coffee Fellows to have an amazing coffee while I start my working day. And finally, I love to go to Tiergarten park and just enjoy nature around me and have a quiet time.

Any advice for people who want to make a change?

Embrace and be ready for new and challenging things in your life. Be positive, patient, and open to learn from the new experiences you might face. Try to understand the history and people’s backgrounds. But also, keep truthful and faithful to yourself. Keep the things you’ve always liked to do. Keep your routine and be mindful to yourself and your needs. Embrace your uniqueness as well and the things you bring with you. At the end of the day, it’s all about balance and enjoying the ride in your life.

Unsplash picture by Florian Wehde

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