Unleashing Potential - The Upside of being a Working-Student At Mercedes-Benz.io

Unleashing Potential - The Upside of being a Working-Student At Mercedes-Benz.io

Thanh Hoang Nguyen · June 26, 2023

Moritz Bleckert - Communications Intern

Only a select few students in Berlin will ever have the comfort of limiting their daily life to their degree only. As a student juggling the demands of academia and simply growing up, I embarked on my journey as a working student at Mercedes-Benz.io. I had the great pleasure of studying Media- and Business Psychology, being fully aware of the Damocles-Sword* hanging over my head at all times. At least that's what I thought. Knowing about stress hormones (adrenaline & cortisol f.e.**) and the somatic damage they can induce, sadly doesn’t protect you from them. Being a psychologist has the interesting side effect of being aware of your own mental health, while also assuming that you would be less affected by it than others (Third-Person Effect***). Consequently, choosing the right place to work was incredibly important to me.

A Well-Rounded Experience

The notion of work-life balance often seems unattainable for many students, at least in my personal bubble. However, Mercedes-Benz.io provided me with the tools and support to strike a harmonious equilibrium between my studies and work commitments. Emphasizing the importance of effective time management early on, enabled me to successfully navigate a demanding schedule of 20 hours of work alongside 25 hours of university commitments each week. The flexibility in scheduling allowed me to accommodate last-minute changes in my academic timetable without any complications. This level of adaptability proved to be especially valuable during exam periods, as I could just adjust my workload accordingly or during semester breaks, where I could upgrade to 40 hours of work each week.

Exploring Different Roles and Skills

One aspect that truly stood out during my stay at Mercedes-Benz.io was the diverse range of responsibilities I was entrusted with. As part of a product team, I was enabled to change between CX and Comms topics easily. Covering experience in support, automatization and data management as well as marketing conception. Realization of marketing measures included production, copywriting, analysis, and campaign management - just to name a few. The multifaceted nature of my assignments nurtured my growth as a professional and allowed me to develop a versatile skill set that spans multiple domains. Psychology is inherently something, that isn’t palpable. Having the opportunity to work with data and statistics gave me a lovely transition from theory to praxis.

A Culture of Learning and Flourishing

Mercedes-Benz.io seems to have understood something, many companies advocate for, but don’t actually act on: An environment, where personal growth and professional development are paramount is an environment, where talent tends to reside. The culture thrives on the active participation of its employees in events, initiatives, and activities. By immersing myself in this vibrant community, I not only expanded my network but also gained invaluable insights from colleagues with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Collaborating with individuals from various roles and departments broadened my understanding of the business landscape and taught me the importance of effective teamwork and communication.


Being a working student at Mercedes-Benz.io was a transformative experience that allowed me to balance the demands of my studies while gaining practical, hands-on experience in a dynamic organization. The company's emphasis on work-life balance, the diverse range of responsibilities, and the culture of learning and growth created an environment that nurtured my personal and professional development. If you're seeking a place where you can not only learn and flourish but also make a lasting impact, I encourage you to explore the opportunities available here.

* An allusion to the imminent and ever-present peril
** American Psychological Association Definition of Stress Hormones
*** American Psychological Association Definition of Third Person Effect

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