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We Care About You

Work-life balance

We want to promote balance between our MB.ioneers’ professional and personal lives by putting them and theirs first: taking time off to support family, attending well-being sessions or joining a sports club are just some of the options. Working Culture

Full remote flexibility, flexible working hours, flexible workplace and everything you need to find your perfect balance.

People Development

We care about your professional development and encourage everyone to attend our diverse suggested trainings and conferences, take advantage of our Udemy License or language courses. Feel free to choose your own trainings and become an expert on the field.

Brand connection

being a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz brings a handful of benefits for employees – we get great deals on cars from purchase to leasing and a variety of other discounts.

Impact Time

outside of our initial scope at we get to engage in other topics. By doing internal podcasts, volunteering at animal shelters or developing whole websites for non-profit-organizations.

Personal Coaching

Our advocates promote and support our MB.ioneers’ personal journey, ultimately empowering them to continuously achieve professional and personal growth. Work on topics like self-organization, diversity & bias, dealing with emotions or rhetoric.

From our blog

From Intern to Product Owner: Mile GrnCarov

Berlin-based MB.ioneer Mile GrnCarov pulls back the curtain on his journey since 2019.  Testing out new things can be adventurous, but Mile doesn’t shy away from that – whether it’s on a personal or professional level. In 2019 at the age of 22, he moved from Bulgaria to Berlin to start a new job and […]

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Improving an Existing Documentation Project (2 of 3)

Now that we know the current status of our documentation better (See Part 1), it is time to talk about our users. Why? Because we have created the documentation for them to be able to use our products, platforms, or tools. But what do we know about our users’ needs? Who are they? We may all have assumptions […]

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Meet the MB.ioneer Season 1 Recap

Ask our MB.ioneers what this company is about and they will tell you one thing: People.  In our Meet The MB.ioneer – Series, we introduce our people by asking them quick-fire questions about their roles, what they like, and how they would describe their jobs to their grandmas. Season 1 is finally wrapped up now […]

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API Testing with Java and Spring Boot Test – Part 2: Improving the solution

In the last part of this step-by-step, we created the project, set up the test framework, and also did all the configurations needed to run our API tests. You can see the first part of the series here: Let’s continue to grow our test framework, but first, we need to do some improvements to the […]

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Inspiration and topics discussed in our tech community in January

Also in 2023, we would like to share with you the news that is being discussed in our tech communities. You will surely find some inspiring topics. Framework or not Write reactive components without frontend frameworks. Should you be using a framework or not? Here at, we’re always taking a serious look at this topic. […]

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