For us, it is important that we share what we discover interesting in the world. Which articles we read especially in relation to programming and our work environment. Therefore, we actively share articles with you.

The result is a list of the top five articles created from the interactions with the articles shared by you as MB.ioneers.


1. What if we can just play games and learn something new while playing? Find out here with a very extensive list of web applications with which you can learn through play.

2. An article that deals with the difference between the variable types “any” and “unknown”, explains them with an example and shows the advantages.

3. Attention! Be careful when using the dot operator and reflect on whether destructuring the values is possible and makes more sense.

4. What are pitfalls when using NPM or how do you deal with upgrades?

5. It’s this time of the year again that open source maintainers love because of Hacktoberfest! It’s usually a nice time of the year to look to contribute to OSS because everyone is doing, so maintainers are usually very active in approving and interacting with your PRs. Start actively participating in the open-source community and find the first simple steps here!

But please read for yourself and stay curious.


by Roman Guivan who has just started a multi-part Pixi.js game tutorial. follow him on his journey.

and Barbara Jöbstl with a Unix command cheat sheet which is perceived by the community as very complete.

A big thank you to all those who actively share articles with their colleagues at You guys are great.