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Digital touch-points play an increasingly important role for our customers. The number of visits to the traditional car dealership decreases before a customer decides to buy a new car. Channels like the brand’s website and its applications like product-specific information, a vehicle overview and the car configurator are becoming an even more essential part of the customer journey. Our purpose is to close the gap between online and offline channels and to offer our customers a premium digital experience to smoothly hand them over to traditional retail.

Mercedes-benz website

Offering individual markets a unique platform, content and managed services that optimize their web presence around the world and provide their end user a direct access to Mercedes-Benz world.


The car configurator is a responsive web-application that helps users in more than 40 markets to customize and buy a Mercedes-Benz.


Providing an eCommerce platform to enable markets to launch their Mercedes-Benz online-shop in an easy and quick way. Live in Germany, South Africa and Australia, with many more markets to come.

Online appointment booking

Online Appointment Booking integrates with underlying retailer’s management systems in order to provide an easy and convenient way to schedule a maintenance service for your vehicle.


Meet Bertha, the companion app to make your gas station experience enjoyable. Save time and money by easily finding the cheapest, closest and favorite stations. With Bertha Pay feature you securely pay for gas from inside your car. Enjoy your ride!


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