Ronny Schreiber · June 8, 2022

Our developers have been discussing interesting topics again and we have picked out a few topics for you. Among them, are articles that we recommend to each other about new trends in web development in the world. The Frontend Circle was once again particularly active. (Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash).

Cypress 10 is out!

Cypress app was completely redesigned to better integrate with the overall development. Including some new features such as:

  • View the latest Git status in the spec list
  • Ability to change browsers from within the Cypress app
  • and what can not be missing: Automatic migration from previous Cypress versions

In addition, component testing in this version is a great innovation. It is made available to the general public for the first time and the team has many plans for it.

Thinking tools and frameworks

Untools is a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions, and understand systems. Such as the Minto Pyramid, Eisenhower Matrix, or Issue trees.

The definition of each tool and framework is provided. Step by step it is explained how to use them and practical examples are given. In addition, there are further sources to go even deeper. Very inspiring for all who want to deal with problems in a structured way.

Mercedes-Benz is now a bronze sponsor of Vue

contribution to this great FOSS project we all use every day. At we've adopted Vue.js as the company’s main frontend framework. It is being used in tons of products from us. Mercedes Benz AG sponsors many open source projects and this sponsorship was fortunately initiated by our colleague Claudio.

SAP Commerce 2205 release

Of strong interest to our SAP Commerce Engineers are the updates to the SAP Commerce 2205 release. Which introduces the following new features and enhancements:

  • Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud
  • UI Themes, Branding, and Profiles
  • Headless Commerce and B2B PunchOut

Articles by MB.ioneers

You don’t need a JS Library for your components

Helmut has posted his first article on Medium. This one is about developing native Web Components. Take 10 minutes and you will learn how to create and integrate a web component including links to examples. You will also be able to read about experiences, caveats, and solutions to the most common problems in native web component development.

Physical well-being & how important it is

In this personal story, our Program Lead Christian Diener gives us interesting food for thought on how to focus on ourselves and the time in which we are physically active. And by the way, Christian is a real running machine.


Thanks to all of you who share your knowledge within our company and expand our horizons.

Ronny Schreiber