MB.ioneering: connecting ambassadors to the future of tech

MB.ioneering: connecting ambassadors to the future of tech

Patrícia Fernandes · April 29, 2024

Between April 15th and 19th, 2024, our tribe was present at SINFO - the biggest free tech event in Portugal.

This event happens annually, connecting top companies with the future of the tech industry through workshops, speakers, and company presentations. It combines the power of networking and the identification of opportunities for the careers of emerging talents. Sounds exciting, right?

For some of our MB.ioneers, attending SINFO has a special meaning: it’s a trip down memory lane. Going there not only as tribe ambassadors but also as alumni from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, is truly unique. But who better than themselves telling their experiences?

Why do you believe it is important to go back to Técnico as an alumni and ambassador of MB.io?

Find about their experiences:

Francisco Fialho

Returning to Técnico with a different “role”, now as an alumnus and tribe ambassador, is very important and quite rewarding. This connection fosters trust with students, enabling us to share our experiences on a deeper level, as we have gone through the same as them. Ultimately, students have someone who can guide them through the misty world os post-university life.

Lastly, revisiting Técnico gives me a sense of accomplishment for completing a program there and now representing a company that I really like!

Gonçalo Marques

Returning to Técnico as an alumnus allows me to maintain a crucial connection with the academic community and engage with next generation of engineers. It's also a privilege to represent MB.io, showcasing the rewarding challenges and development opportunities we offer, while also clarifying the realities of working in the tech industry.

Furthermore, through my participation in the Técnico Alumni Mentoring program, I can give back by sharing practical insights and experiences with students.

Ricardo Matos

It’s important to return to Técnico as an Alumni and ambassador of MB.io for three main reasons:

Firstly, it provides an opportunity to showcase students what's "out there", what the market is seeking and what kind of companies could offer them optimal conditions to kickstart their careers and thrive professionally.

Secondly, it serves as a valuable platform for Mercedes-Benz.io. Not only can we scout and attract new talent for open positions, but we can also dispel misconceptions about the systems we develop for Mercedes-Benz. There’s a common perception that we solely handle in-car systems, so it's an opportunity for us to elucidate our role in the digital transformation of one of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers.

Lastly, students benefit from first-hand insights shared by MB.ioneers who’ve experienced the challenges of studying at Técnico. We understand the rigors of the coursework and the uncertainty of post-graduation decisions - "What now? What company should I apply to? What kind of role will suit me?" - That direct connection allows students to address any questions or concerns they might have.

It was an honour to represent MB.io and our culture, while also planting the seed that we are a place where people can learn, grow, and do exciting stuff. While they may not apply immediately, perhaps in a few years, they will remember the cool-looking company at the SINFO booth as one worth considering.

Patrícia Fernandes

Social Media Specialist @ Lisbon

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