Top 5 news of February

Top 5 news of February

Ronny Schreiber · March 10, 2022

We have again picked out some exciting tech topics for you. In this list, you can find a colorful bouquet of news from quality assurance, accessibility, Vue.js, design patterns, code understanding with extensive tutorials, videos, tools, and references to upcoming conferences. Be inspired.

Denigma is a tool that, supported by machine learning.

It can be used to understand unfamiliar programming constructs. The application translates code into understandable English. It may be a way for non-programmers to understand complicated code or assist with the documentation. I definitely had fun translating my code.

Vue.js is our favored frontend framework at

This is why we are constantly upskilling ourselves. This can be done internally or on professional e-learning platforms. In addition, you can learn by yourself by watching the youtube channel of where you can find everything from fundamental Vue knowledge to the latest developments. The entire tutorial series is free and is constantly expanding. Maybe something to bookmark for you to stay up to date.

The QA Global Summit’22 took place from 15-16 February 2022.

It is an online summit and is addressed to QA Engineers. We refer to a conference recording of the junior track in two parts. That’s 12 hours of content available for free. The videos are about test automation, the tester role, testing solutions, and live coding sessions are available too. So there should be something for all QA interested. is a catalog of patterns to increase awareness by Addy Osmani and Lydia Hallie.

This project addresses the implementation, benefits, and pitfalls of common design patterns. It is a good source for those who want to brush up on their knowledge of design patterns. All articles are very well explained and illustrated with examples.

Axe-con is a conference on digital accessibility.

It is aimed at developers, designers, business users, and accessibility experts of all experience levels. The Virtual Conference will be held from March 15-17, 2022. Tickets for participation are for free. Grab the chance to learn something on the topic of accessibility.

Articles by MB.ioneers

Our colleague Hannes has published a very comprehensive article on the topic of pair programming on our blog. In Pairing is Dairing he explains the advantages, refers to criticism, as well as describes how to implement pair programming and which tools can support you.

In times of remote work, coordination with colleagues has not become easier and calendars are flooded with appointments. In his article, “How to ditch meetings that prevent productivity”, Hido explains the effect on productivity and describes how to increase it again. For this, he gives guidance on how to decide which meetings to attend and how to politely decline them.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge within our company and expanding our horizons. Eliamar, Claudio, Christian, Miguel, Joao, and Nuno you are great.

Ronny Schreiber