Thanh Hoang Nguyen · April 13, 2023

What is your favorite tool / framework / language to work with as a Frontend Developer?

I have to give credit to Visual Studio Code as my buddy tool to code, it’s easy to set up, fast, and has a bunch of cool extensions to work with. But of course, if we want something more robust I’d go to WebStorm.

With a vast range of programming languages is quite difficult to pick one, but I choose Javascript. Even though I code in Vue.js, my favorite framework is React.js, sorry Team 🫣.

Francisco Fialho

I'm going to go with Vue as my current favorite framework. I say "current" because in this fast-paced and always-evolving world, we never know what tomorrow brings, and I honestly believe we should always be open to change if we aspire to be good professionals.

Vue is a front-end framework that is not only easy to learn but also extremely versatile. With recent versions, it is also very optimized for performance and DX (developer experience). The community is booming, and the ecosystem around it is expanding at light speed with Vite as the default bundler for Vue3 in the center of attention right now - and for good reason! Even more exciting changes are coming this year to Vue and I can't wait to try them out.

Rodrigo Lima

Right now, it’s almost impossible to think of a way to code without VS Code and my extensions, especially the Source Control - which made me lazy and less fluent in GIT commands, but it is what it is. In terms of language, I live between JavaScript and TypeScript. When it comes to frameworks I would say Vue and React, but Vue is slowly getting my heart fully.

Raphael Marques

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